In The Chamber of Bliss - 蔡鍔與小鳳仙
TV Series
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Military Governor CHOI NGOK (Lau Chung Yan) has been attempting tooverthrow the Yuen Sai Hoi government. To facilitate his plan to stagean uprising in Yunnan, he pretends to be fooling around with the highlysought-after courtesan CHEUNG FUNG WAN (Chow Hoi Mei), nicknamed SIUFUNG SIN, to avoid detection. YUEN SAI HOI (Law Lok Lam), who issuspicious of NGOK, sends the Chief of Staff MOK YIK TIN (Lam Ka Wah)to spy on him. Later he even lures NGOK's wife PAK SZ TING (Tin YuiNei) to Beijing, hoping that this will force NGOK to pledge his loyaltyto the government. To ensure the success of the revolutionary movement,NGOK carries on with his affair with WAN as a camouflage, withoutrealizing that she has seriously fallen in love with him. WAN is readyto give up everything just to be with NGOK while NGOK remains cold anddistant towards her. Soldier YUE YAM KWOK (Ma Kwok Ming) is also inlove with WAN and would like to get her out of her predicament. SadlyWAN turns him down, for her love for NGOK is so much stronger than onecan ever imagine.